Construction & Demolition Landfill

  • Landfill:1177 Landfill Road
    Ashland, AL 36251
  • A-G-L operates its own landfill located at 1177 Landfill Rd Ashland, AL.
  • The landfill is open to the public by appointment only Mon - Wed
  • This C&D landfill is permitted to accept non-putrescible and non-hazardous construction and demolition waste, rubbish, metal, plastic, building type debris, trees and limbs, paper, tires, and other similar type wastes.
  • We also accept household garbage at our transfer station located inside our landfill.
  • Construction/Demolition Waste - waste building materials, packaging, and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, or demolition operations on houses, commercial buildings, and other structures. Such wastes include, but are not limited to, masonry materials, sheet rock, roofing waste, insulation (not including asbestos), scrap metal, and wood products. Uncontaminated concrete, soil, brick, waste asphalt paving, ash resulting from the combustion of untreated wood, rock, and similar materials are excluded from this definition.
  • No treated lumber, power poles, crossties, or similar materials.